"It is so great to have a place that I can come and talk about my child and not feel guilty or judged and know that I am not alone.”

Parents attend a bi-weekly therapy group. The group is designed to support and augment the in-home therapeutic interventions. The group provides a safe space for parents to process and brainstorm about any specific struggles that they are facing - and/or parents can share successes. Since Home Remedy parents are using our strength oriented, family systems focused program - they have a common language that they use to help each other conceptualize and develop solutions for any problem areas.

• Bi-weekly therapeutic treatment group to support parents, teach new skills, and brainstorm strategies from the previous week.

• Safe, supportive, confidential environment for families to openly discuss the struggles and challenges they are having with raising a child with difficult behaviors and mental health needs.

• This parent support group is open-ended and unlimited. Parents are welcome to attend group even after their family's course of treatment has ended.

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